A year of distinction for Terna Mag


Terna Mag was awarded twice in 2019 !





Terna Mag was awarded with two gold awards for Manufacturing Excellence, in the category of Investments and Strategy, as “Important Investment in Production” and as “New Industrial Processing Company”, for the revival of magnesite activity in N. Euboea island.

Other awarded companies were Lafarge group (AGET Hercules), Johnson & Johnson, Alumil, Sidenor, Kleemann, Coca-Cola, Barilla etc. The awards were supported by the Helllenic Federation of Enterpirses, Greek Production federation, Associations etc. More details can be found here

The other award (bronze) was for Industrial Excellence distinction.  The «Made in Greece» awards are organised by the Greek Marketing Academy. They are supported by the Ministry of Development & Investments and the Ministry of Food & Agricultural Development and take place every two years. More details can be found here.
These awards made all of us in Terna Mag to be proud for our team work.  This is a third party recognition of the establishment of Terna Mag as a reliable, globally competitive organization.






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