Commissioning of a new production line for Dead Burned Magnesia products

Terna Mag is pleased to announce the launch of Dead Burned Magnesia products series, following the commissioning of a new production line in March 2019

Terna Mag offers a wide range of DBM products, under the brand name NOVAPYR, serving the demanding and growing needs of refractory industry and other industrial applications, such as welding fluxes, leather tanning, heating elements etc.

The new state-of-the-art rotary kiln has a capacity of 60,000 MT sintered/calcined products



TERNA MAG is a magnesite and magnesia producer, member of GEK TERNA Group, one of the leading business groups in Greece. Based on our world-class magnesite deposits, advanced industrial facilities and a market oriented R&D approach, we provide a wide range of magnesia product solutions, engineered for various industrial applications 






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