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Visit of Mr. Michail Skalistiris, 4/6/2015

"Mr. Skalistiris, ex-owner of FIMISCO, visited TERNA MAG premises, in June. 4th, accompanied by Professor Ilias Staboliadis, technical counselor of TERNA MAG.

FIMISCO operated till the 90's, the magnesite deposits and was famous for its top quality refractory products, produced in its Mantoudi furnaces. It was a world-known leading producer and a serious competitor of well-established firms. Nowadays, TERNA MAG revives in a modern way the magnesite business, having acquired all FIMISCO's assets and implementing a 100 mil Euros project.

Mr. Skalistiris had the chance to visit and see from close the new underground mines and beneficiation operations of magnesite, as well as the state-of-the-art Herreshoff furnace in Mantoudi.

During the cordial discussion that followed with TERNA MAG's executive team, Mr. Skalistiris remembered some milestones in the history of FIMISCO and shared his points of view about its growth and later decline. He was also informed about the current business of TERNA MAG and the investments' planning for the coming years and wished TERNA MAG success in its business.

"For all TERNA MAG people, this was a memorable visit"




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